'Syrian refugees raped in Turkish camp'

Turkey - Hundreds of female Syrian refugees have been raped in a camp in southern Turkey and have been forced into prostitution, a report says. Some 400 Syrian women in Boynuyogun camp in the southern Turkish province of Hatay were forced to work as sex workers, Turkish newspaper Aydinlik has reported. The scandal was disclosed after some 250 of the raped women obtained a positive result on their pregnancy test. Abdo Aslaner, the owner of the land where the camp is set up, supported by the security personnel and officials of the camp, took the female Syrian refugees out of the camp and forced them into prostitution, according to the report. Thousands of Syrians living in villages near the border had crossed into Turkey to seek shelter following the launch of an operation by Syrian security forces in border cities and villages to hunt down armed gangs. After security had been restored in the region, hundreds of Syrian refugees returned to their homes. The Syrian military has been conducting an operation to combat armed terrorist gangs responsible for the attacks on protesters, security forces and public places. Syria has been grappling with months of unrest that has left scores of people dead so far. The opposition accuses security forces of being behind the killings. But the Syrian government blames armed gangs for the violence, saying that the unrest is being orchestrated from outside the country. Full Story>>

'Syrian refugees raped in Turkish camp' http://edition.presstv.ir/mobile/detail.aspx?id=194419
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